"What makes people happy, healthier and live longer is having good and close relationships."

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About Me

If you need help with relating to your partner, improving your communication skills, managing conflict or have other relationship concerns, then seriously consider calling me. 

Not every practitioner has the skills and confidence to include your partner in the therapy.  I do.

I have specialised in Relationship Counselling for more than 15 years and have trained and worked at Relationships Australia. I have a Masters in Couple and Relationship Counselling.  I also supervise other experienced counsellors.

The reason I can help you is that I draw on a range of evidence-based researched strategies, skills and theories. I have helped couples with pre-marriage, high conflict, parenting, infidelity and other issues. Even if your partner won't come I can work with you alone to improve your relationship. I am a trained Emotion Focus Therapy (EFT) Counsellor (see Leslie S. Greenberg and Susan M. Johnson for a background on EFT). 

It can be difficult to choose the right counsellor with so much choice out there. I pride myself on being discreet and compassionate with my clients. You will soon feel how genuinely I care for you and soon be confident that you can trust my therapeutic skills and me as a person. We will work together as a team to achieve the goals that you set.


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