"What makes people happy, healthier and live longer is having good and close relationships."


You might wonder why I have chosen this career. Put simply, I like a challenge. Why else would I have chosen such a demanding career? Believe me, in my work as a marriage/couples therapist, I get all the challenges but also rewarding moments, that I wish for.  However, it is worth it in the end.  Not only do many of my couples leave with enriched and healthier relationships but they have also transformed as individuals and have developed better life skills and a stronger self-worth.

Due to your increased confidence and new positive self-image, relationships with your relatives, friends, colleagues and employer will benefit too. It gives me enormous satisfaction to see this personal growth.

If there are children in this relationship, they benefit immensely from their parents reconnecting and the home being a safe and happy place. I can also help many couples become a more effective parenting team.  As a result, I have the privilege to not only make a difference to parents but indirectly my work has the potential to very positively impact on their children and in turn their children’s children.

What an amazing privilege!!